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Dog actor Beethoven

            Beethoven was first interpreted by the dog named Chris. Beethoven is a large breed dog Saint Bernard, dogs actually very intelligent. Chris was trained by Karl Lewis Miller, which is a very famous trainer who has trained other dogs star, such as K-9 and Babe.
              Although it seems incredible, Beethoven was paid to shoot better than many other actors.
          This dog star had a big impact so that many of the young people in America believe that Beethoven was a dog. Funny, is not it?
           Concerning this breed is noted that not recommended to be grown indoors. Why do I say that? Well here's a good reason: They grow up to 27-35 inches and weigh between 140 - 264 pounds.
                 Now I want to turn our attention to a little film in which he played Beethoven and I will present the entire series of films chronologically:


         A beautiful comedy that fits the genre of family films. This film is described stories of dogs that are stolen from a pet store. A dog manages to escape and goes to a family in the suburbs, Newton consists of parents and their three children. They decide to keep the dog temporarily that I call Beethoven, but soon it becomes a family member .. that grows and grows until it reaches all the huge size of a Saint Bernard. And the adventure continues!

Beethoven’s 2nd 

          Already known falls in love with a bitch Beethoven Saint Bernard named Missy, but she was in custody very bad woman, Regina. Unexpected outcome of the two dogs is the birth of four little ones: Chubby, Dolly, Ceaikovki and Moe. Although initially Queen wants to escape at all costs, after learning how this puppy is worth every effort to recover the Newton family. A well deserved vacation to the mountains after many financial problems faced by the Newtons not leave without adventures and evil plans of the Queen. In recommend you see for yourself if you have not done it yet!

 Beethoven’s 3rd    

       In this family comedy Newton goes on a trip to Europe, but without their will get a DVD with possession of information which would pay large sums of money ever. So getting to be followed by two thieves who want at all costs to recover the DVD. From here starts the adventure with unprecedented situations and events. A very nice movie, I recommend!

 Beethoven’s 4th

          This movie should really check it classified as super-comedy!
Newton family decides to let the Beethoven at a training school.     That after he brought in height despair, because they say, with such a huge how to handle it?
Once in the Beethoven of our school is involved with Michelangelo, another Saint Bernard who looks perfect with it, just as it is trained and highly educated. From here begins the adventure, because while Newton family is thrilled that "miracles" do obedience school, other family has serious trouble with the real Beethoven. I mean, you really need to watch it!

Beethoven’s 5th   

         A great adventure! Beethoven is our Uncle Freddie went on vacation in a small town. Here he made ​​a very important discovery, a clue hidden lack a fortune with years and years ago. Following this event creates a craze among treasure hunters, each wanting to be the best friend of Beethoven. With Uncle Freddie, Beethoven help uncover a secret that has lain for years in that town. You're adventurous and with Beethoven?

Beethoven Big Break

         As we had used this series of films Leading Beethoven we have a very beautiful family comedy. A trainer named Eddie becomes unwittingly Beethoven's owner. The latter gets a star after casting. Beethoven is required kidnapped .. reward for him .. and the adventure continues.

Beethoven’s Christimas Adventure

       For winter holidays approaching, it may be more appropriate than another film this adventure with a touch of childhood.
Mason is a young man whose mother works hard to support his family because his father died the year. He is asked to care for Beethoven, but here begins the adventure! Meetings with Santa's elf, a scurry after bag of magic dust .. a little .. and ready will not say more, will leave you to watch it.

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